Zenith Optimedia (ZO)
Zenith Optimedia (ZO)
Post written by Paragon Interiors   April 1, 2016

Zenith Optimedia (ZO) is the third largest media company in the world and is the leader in trend forecasting. They have joined forces with Newcast, a small company with highly skilled staff providing a specialised service in branded content on TV, online and print media.

Project objectives

ZO saw this as an opportunity to create a more suitable work environment and express themselves as the trend setting media agency that they are. The Paragon Interiors team spent many hours collaborating in order to ensure the Zenith Optimedia/ Newcast design brief was met. By taking into account what their requirements were, as well as the history of the company, we came up with the idea of the “Tree of Opportunities”, based on the concept of African children sitting under a tree, learning from their elders, sharing knowledge. We took cognisance of the international standard of their various branches worldwide, while maintaining a strong African connection, and most importantly, creating a corporate-yet playful office interior. Each design element relates back to the big idea of the “Tree of Opportunities”, from the tree-like pod design, to the dappled shadow effects of the carpet pattern, the design works together harmoniously, telling a single story.

The result

There were many special design features used for the project. The use of dramatic design elements instantly creates interest and draws in the viewer or client. The oversized “ZO” lightbox in reception and the stretched canvas ceiling in the boardroom – both of which are visible from the building atrium – a curiosity is created before even entering the space. Once inside, the office space is filled with bold features and bright blue accents, the most striking of which is the round, blue pod at the heart of the interior, creating a memorable hub in the journey through the space for both visitors and employees. The layout and design of the space is based on the concept of collaboration, which has become a vital part in the trend of office space design in the last few years.


Our design provides inviting spaces, which are easily accessible and designed with the intention of prompting the sharing of ideas. The informal nature of the space sets clients as well as employees at ease, allowing the natural flow of conversation to take place.

We have selected a few images to show you how great their offices look…