You may have heard of the latest office design craze: HOT DESKING
You may have heard of the latest office design craze: HOT DESKING
Post written by Paragon Interiors   October 1, 2015

Hot desking

Hot desking, where employees do not have an assigned workstation, has taken the world of work by storm. This is often a cost saving exercise for businesses with mobile staff who are out for most of the work day. From our office design research, however, we have found that most people dislike not having a desk of their own, office bound or not.

Hot desking is not for all companies. Instead, it is a unique tool that some companies have used to successfully alleviate space issues in offices

Let’s take a look at some tips that might help you when considering hot desking:

  • Ensure that hot desking is strategically aligned to your business objectives
  • Find out what your employees think of the idea
  • Add workstations and encourage employees to try moving around

How to cater for ‘hot desking’ employees:

  • Provide lockers or other spaces to store personal belongings
  •  Provide a meeting point for teams to converge at the beginning of the day.
  • Ensure access to documents and files
  • Install wireless technology
  • Implement a clean desk policy
  •  Create informal brainstorming and collaboration lounges with soft seating
  • Provide phone booths – designated telephone rooms to make confidential calls
  • A mobile white board that they can take with them
  • Work café’s – a place to eat lunch and talk to colleagues
  • Huddle rooms – for project meetings or information sessions.

In this new working environment, employees can now move freely between open desks, couches and meeting rooms – encouraging greater collaboration and innovation amongst colleagues. New generations of workers find greater value in the participative environment and the increased personal flexibility provided by more varied workspaces.

For businesses considering a move to a hot-desking environment, it is essential to involve staff in the process. Employees are more likely to accept these changes if they’re involved along the way, and know how it’s going to benefit them and the work they perform.

As an example Paragon implemented hot desking as key strategy for the International Consulting Group, click here to read more