Case Study : The MediaShop

The Brief

The MediaShop is a multiple award-winning agency, which thrives off thinking differently. The MediaShop moved into a new, larger building situated in the Main Straight Office Park. They wanted their new office to:

  • Provide room for growth as well as flexibility, due to their fast changing and ever expanding company.
  • Create a space that inspires professionalism, but also allows creativity and collaboration to flow freely.
  • Create a functional work environment by incorporating global office design trends- open-plan workspace, collaboration areas, and innovative acoustic solutions to improve productivity and provide better communication between employees.


The Result

The following was put in place for The MediaShop:

  • Flexible work spaces allowing ease for expansion or contraction between business units.
  • Reception and client-facing areas situated on the ground floor, showcase The MediaShop’s trendy and upbeat personality to clients, and offers easy access to meeting spaces.
  • Break-away and team rooms situated in close proximity to all open plan staff, promotes informal collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • A contemporary design style was selected, which refers to the current style popular in building and design. Neutral colours were used as a base to enhance the style with a simple, uniformity in furniture and fittings carried through the space. The MediaShop’s branding was incorporated, by using varying accent colours and decal applications in the design.
  • Simplistic, but striking design elements are enriched with the use of eye-catching, large, wall murals and combinations of varied textures, such as timber and glass.
  • The staff café, the heart of the company, encourages different divisions to gather, socialise and interact. The café also doubles up as a space for client functions.
  • A large outdoor atrium, offers outdoor seating & umbrellas for informal interaction between employees and their clients.
  • Shared meeting areas promote interaction between employees from various teams, as they cross paths when using the facilities.
  • Coffee stops have been placed in the centre of the building on each floor to create easy access for all, serving as a refreshment station, as well as an informal workspace for casual meetings throughout the day.



The MediaShop wanted an office space which showcased their team’s professionalism and outside-the-box thinking. The office space was designed to meet their objectives by providing design solutions that would improve productivity and provide better communication between employees.