Case Study : Spoor & Fisher

The Brief

Spoor & Fisher is a leading intellectual property (IP) law firm in Africa. They wanted their new offices to:

  • Create a space that reflects their new corporate identity and professional team ethic.
  • Create a functional workspace that allows for growth and caters for the different departments’ requirements within the organisation.
  • Create a workspace that provides a setting that encourages employees to work productively, enhances easy communication, and is comfortable and inspiring, helping to maintain staff retention.


The Result

The following was put in place for Spoor & Fisher:

  • A large, inviting reception and waiting area is your first visual experience when arriving at Spoor and Fisher, with a high ceiling, glass walls and sleek stone, metal and timber finishes creating a modern, yet professional atmosphere.  The neutral palette of greys, whites and taupe’s are punctuated with pops of red and green in the soft furnishings, which helps relaxing and warming the space.
  • The circle and sweeping lines incorporated in the design were ideas inspired from the Spoor & Fisher logo and used throughout the design as subtle accents in shop-fitting details, wall panels and shapes of furniture, reinforcing the Spoor & Fisher brand.  This is the thread that ties the design together throughout the installation.  The corporate identity colours were considered as accents all through the facility, firmly entrenching the S & P brand, humanising and providing some quirk to a professional environment.
  • The attractive, staff café with its soft lighting, choice of different seating types, and complementary colours encourages employees to eat together, catch up on industry news and share information, and provides an informal place to work in a laptop-friendly environment.
  • The office open-plan area incorporates sleek lines in practical, systems-furniture, with gentle, yet freshly coloured desk screens for privacy.  These desk neighbourhoods are placed close to breakaway spaces and coffee stops to provide a welcome reprieve from the focused work that takes place.  These oases offer opportunities for quick interactions with other colleagues, sharing knowledge within the Spoor and Fisher family.



The Spoor & Fisher team achieved their dream of an office space that reflects their brand identity, in a functional office space that provides support spaces to enhance working conditions. The furniture layout provides each employee with a personal focus space, but makes access to colleagues easy, thereby improving communication and knowledge sharing.