Office Space Calculator
Office Space Calculator
Post written by Paragon Interiors   June 26, 2018


“Space – the final frontier” …this voice-over by William Shatner at the start of each Star Trek episode dating back to the 1960’s, is no tongue-in-cheek epitaph. It was a reference to the vastness of what lay beyond our knowledge as much as it was an indication of the inter-planetary travels the fictional characters were undertaking.

SPACE – not the celestial interpretation though – underpins so many of our big decisions in life. From how many hectares your dream retirement wine-farm will be, to which car’s boot capacity best suits your family’s holiday luggage for the annual Plett-holiday sojourn.

This ‘emptiness’ we seek comes at a price, though. Realty costs – and that’s a reality! So, when considering how much space we need for our offices, we tend to consider this in more economical terms than the numbers we brag about over the braai when describing the square-meterage of your newly extended family home. Office space (or your home-away-from-home) is most often determined by what you need to accommodate, rather than by how much you can spread out.

Paragon Interiors now offers an online, automated calculator, based on current industry trends, to give you a summary of what sort of space requirements you should be looking at when considering new office premises. Of course, the architectural wonder of each unique office block comes with its’ own particular charms and efficiencies – and while some of these may charm you, and others may just leave your wondering, it’s still: Location, Location, Location that is the number one criteria in your mind. Next is usually “well, how much space do we need?” and that’s because this contributes a big chunk towards your business overheads.

So, based on a series of intuitive questions, along with prompts, hints and tips, images and explanations, you’re able to create a customised requirement schedule. We take you through a ‘typical day’ in corporate-life and walk you through the process – which enables you to generate a reasonable idea of how much space you need to be looking for. Unless you’ve done some detailed space optimisation studies, (and here Paragon Interiors could assist you as well) this high-level overview will assist you in your search for the RIGHT space for your business.

Give it a try (click here) – and once you’ve found a premises which seems to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us for further assistance in space-planning and interior design, procurement and construction management.