Post written by Paragon Interiors   August 26, 2016

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) is the leading accountancy body in South Africa, as well as one of the leading Institutes in the world. Their vision, ‘develop responsible leaders’, is evidence that SAICA strives to be the best in their field. Not only are they committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way, SAICA also concentrates on local communities. Their strategic mentorship programme called, The Hope Factory, helps small entrepreneurs achieve their goals, vision and purpose to grow their businesses.

Project Objectives:

A new location was chosen to market and promote SAICA’s exposure. One building to house the entire company in a space that will help employees to be more effective and productive in their working environment.

To create clean, crisp and contemporary interiors that will attract and retain younger talent.  To promote collaboration and knowledge sharing by removing many of the cellular offices and creating an open environment that improves staff engagement and in turn increases job satisfaction.

The Result:

Paragon met these design objectives by providing:

  • An onsite work café and full kitchen facility to address the current lunchroom shortcomings.  The café facilitates the overflow of any meetings and training sessions, and provides space for less formal meetings. The facility promotes staff interaction, and the breaking down of barriers, promoting comradery and the easy flow of knowledge sharing.
  • A meeting wing encompassing various sizes of meeting rooms  including a formal boardroom for the executive committee.
  • A members lounge that includes meeting rooms, focus rooms and soft seating much like a ‘Slow Lounge’.
  • A combination of open plan benching and cellular offices for employees.
  • Coffee stops, focus rooms, phone booths and informal areas for easy communication that are placed near to the open plan, offering SAICA’s workforce various options for different work tasks.
  • A large, flexible training facility
  • Print stations and bulk storage units that are all easily accessible and well organised.


SAICA has a fresh, new office environment that promotes information sharing in an efficient and productive way.  With better communication leading to proficiency, it leads to greater job satisfaction.