Case Study : SA Digital Villages

SA Digital Villages is a full Telecommunications Operator as well as an Internet Service Provider specialising in the installation, operation, and maintenance of last mile fibre optic networks.

The Brief

SA Digital Villages’ growth has become rapid and they opened a few different offices that now need to be consolidated into one office, allowing for easy flow between departments. The move is an opportunity to create a united culture and ensure that operations are streamlined. SA Digital Villages wanted an office that showcased their business with a modern interior that represented their brand.

The Results

  • There was an emphasis on creating a space that encouraged collaboration and social interaction between departments. All departments flowed naturally through the office with a central work café and support areas that facilitate formal and informal meetings.
  • Large glazing panels throughout the office created the desired transparency, augmented with natural lighting from external windows which produced an open and friendly feel.
  • Soft blues and greens adapted from SA Digital Villages’ logo were used to reference the brand through its interior.
  • Resimercial design elements were introduced throughout the space with comfortable seating and warm timber accents, contrasting with the angular logo which influenced some of the furniture and wall features.
  • Every room was designed to be different from the next, creating a unique experience for every user. We provided different types of spaces to suit introverts and extroverts with modern, boldly coloured rooms incorporating interesting textures, to neutral colours, gently-lit, quiet and secluded spaces.

The Summary

Paragon Interiors created a space that enhanced collaboration and interdepartmental interaction. The space is fun, modern, comfortable, and brand conscious. Each employee can enjoy an office space that has a home-away-from-home feel. SA Digital Villages now has an impressive workspace that truly showcases them as a brand and as a company.