Case Study : SA Centres

SA Centres are managing agents of retail, commercial and industrial properties.  SA Centres have a hands on approach and make sure their clients come first.

The Brief

  • SA Centres moved into a new location in the hub of Rosebank. This project aimed to create a functional workspace that reflects SA Centres unique brand, and to incorporate global office design trends, whilst improving connectivity between business units and productivity. The design should reflect a quality interior that depicts the quality ethos of the company.


The Result

  • Natural circulation and flow between business units
  • Design elements are enriched with beautiful quality finishes, such as natural dark timbers and marble throughout the space
  • The boardroom and meeting rooms situated close to the entrance of the office, provide easy access for visitors and create a visual, elegant ambience.
  • A bistro has been provided for clients, with a fully functional coffee bar that offers quality beverages in a welcoming environment.  A great way to make a guest feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Team offices provide acoustic privacy and facilitate team interaction, and each include adequate storage and printing facilities, creating self-contained environments.
  • The centralisation of coffee stops and bathroom facilities, are easily accessible by all employees and provide an easy way for cross pollination of different employees
  • The upmarket, glass-enclosed, staff café is the heart of the company, drawing different divisions together to socialise and interact in a relaxed, yet chic setting. An assortment of seating offers space for informal meetings and a variety of uses.
  • The upstairs terrace with its amazing vista, is utilised as an entertainment area and meeting space during lunch time and after work. The soft seating arrangement is inviting and encourages people to feel relaxed in a beautiful, open air environment.



SA Centres wanted an office space to reflect their company ethos, their professional approach to business and their drive for quality.  Visibility and easy access to one another, encourages collaboration, improves knowledge sharing and communication and with it, productivity and trust. The multi-functional work spaces provides variety and means that spaces are used throughout the day rather than just at set periods. We created an elegant, yet contemporary space that is inviting and lively, an easy place to work in and a place where people look forward to being at each day.