Resimercial Design in Offices
Resimercial Design in Offices
Post written by Paragon Interiors   November 27, 2018

Long gone are the days of sitting at our desks all day, 5-days a week. Also on the way out are the days of sitting on our couches at home and working in our pyjama pants. The trendy notion of working from coffee shops has been a popular compromise and has had a great influence on the styling in modern offices, as employees now feel the need to return to their workplace for more face-to-face interaction with their teams.A current philosophy of office design combines the comfort and ease of working from home, with the productivity and efficiency provided by the modern office, mixed with the relaxed atmosphere of your favourite coffee shop.

Resimercial design is flexible and fluid, with a laid-back aesthetic. As its name suggests, resimercial combines design elements of both residential and commercial into one space to hit the corporate design sweet spot.

“Millennials”, the generation born between 1982 and 1996, and “Gen-Z’ers”, born mid 1990’s to early 2000’s, are dominating the office landscape now. Often highly skilled and sought-after, they believe that work can take place anywhere and anytime, due to technology. They have transformed the workspace by favouring companies that promote well-being, social responsibility and forward thinking, through concepts like agile working, collaboration and workspaces that provide multifunctional areas which cater for a comfortable and homely environment. Instead of working in an external, charismatic coffee shop, the coffee shop has now become part of the office environment, bringing with it that vibrant social atmosphere that is so enjoyed. Smart companies are rethinking how their corporate design can attract and retain young and talented professionals.



The desire to have furniture that is comfortable and trendy, doesn’t negate the requirement for commercial grade quality, which has resulted in many interesting collaborations between office furniture manufacturers and home furniture designers, along with innovative lighting companies and trendy smaller fabric suppliers. Quite often nowadays, these collaborations are between large, established companies and smaller start-up companies, in a win-win association.

This innovation is not limited just to the mid-century style of furniture that has been popular lately, but is also relevant to many new styles seen in homes or trendy boutique hotels.

Flexibility is key, with mobile, multipurpose furniture and fittings that quickly transform spaces for a myriad of uses, all taking note of, and enhancing the varied daily working experience. So, a combination of spaces for either interaction or focus work and privacy are imperative.

Intrinsic to the style

Accessories such as rugs, lamps, scatter cushions, plants, local art works and book shelves accommodating meaningful trinkets and interesting books, are intrinsic to this style. Anything that would remind one of the comforts of home.

In addition, keep in mind all 5-senses when designing a Resimercial space. It’s not just about how a space looks, but how it makes you feel, the aromas, sounds you hear and even the taste of the coffee and snacks.

A family type dining table in the lunch room encourages casual interaction and creates bonds between employees and can be used as a meeting space too. Toilet facilities should be styled as you would at home, with care for detail and comfort, and a popular option is to have background music and automatic scent dispensers.

Bringing the outside inside with plant pots, plant walls, even artificial plants or wallpapers that depict outside elements, increase the feeling of wellbeing and contentment.

Colour and texture

Colour palettes can vary from restrained to wild, with combinations of patterns and tactile textures such as wool, leather, metallic finishes and a variety of timbers. Stimulating combinations of wall finishes, floor finishes and ceiling details provide interest and variety.

Provision for personal branding and expression should be provided, encouraging the use of surfaces such as white boards or writable walls and pin boards etc. and remember that the design should take into account all generations by providing good lighting, fresh air and an easy to use and ergonomic environment. Each element needs to be thought through carefully to avoid a confusing mish-mash and this is where a design professional can provide guidance to ensure an innovative and comfortable, yet practical, office space. With people spending more and more time at work, they require a great atmosphere, comfort and a feeling of security. This natural blending of home and workplace is therefore here to stay.

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