Case Study : Publicis Machine

The Brief

Publicis Groupe, an international communications agency, acquired MACHINE, an award winning agency in South Africa, to form Publicis Machine. Their requirement was to have a single unified office which would merge the teams and cultures of both companies.

The Result

The space was designed with careful attention to corporate culture, ensuring the newly merged company would operate as a single, cohesive team. The following was put in place:

  • Divided open plan working environment with large windows, ensuring a workspace that re-enforces creativity and avoiding a “call centre” look
  • Large spacious reception area to entertain clients while they wait
  • Meeting rooms adjacent to the reception area to ensure ease of accessibility for clients
  • Seating areas within the open space to be used as informal meeting rooms
  • Quiet rooms and sound proof phone booths to allow staff to work in silence or take a phone call without disrupting the team
  • Lunch room and bar/entertainment area for both clients and staff
  • Several unique features such as boardroom lighting that changes colours and writing on walls and ceiling in the news room
  • A central design theme of creating new things lead to use of raw materials such as concrete, steel, and glass, displaying the joints and seams for effect
  • Interactive walls allow for staff to creatively change their workspace environment regularly
  • Features designed by staff such as wallpapers and art were incorporated into the design


Publicis MACHINE’s new office space has created a single unified company of employees who are excited to come in to work, building good working relationships and therein ensuring a highly productive and happy team.