Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard
Post written by Paragon Interiors   June 9, 2017

Pernod Ricard is a leading distilled beverage distribution and events company. Using a mixture of diversity and experience, Pernod Ricard SA has elevated Niche Market Brands into household names. There is a clear, youthful feeling within the company and a passion to be progressive within a competitive industry.

Project objectives

Pernod Ricard’s Pretoria office moved into the vacant wings at Woodlands Office Park, where Pernod Ricard SCA are currently operating. They wanted an open-plan working environment to cater for the vibrant, dynamic and outgoing personalities of the sales team. They asked Paragon Interiors to design a space that would allow for the ease of communication, using a practical workspace design with access to natural light throughout the day. The Pernod Ricard team wanted their look to be consistent with the SCA colour scheme on the first floor.

The results

The ground floor houses are allocated close to client interfacing areas, as well as the sales and events teams. We implemented an open-plan area to encourage staff and management engagement, as well as cellular offices for the executive team. We also incorporated a touchdown space for remote workers to work at when they come to the office. The coffee bar is communal and can be used by the staff to catch up on industry news, as well as a collaboration space for informal meetings.

For the interior-design concept, we selected a palette of whites, light greys, taupe’s and blues to be used throughout the space, emphasising their corporate identity. Secondary colours- turmeric yellows and vibrant reds were introduced as accent colours, to bring the space to life. This palette was complimented with the addition of face brick clad walls, timber paneling and slim line furniture on a screed floor. The clear glass panels are a smooth, glossy contrast to the more tactile textures. The exposed ceiling slab is a warm backdrop for the industrial approach to air conditioning and lighting. Dropped bulkhead details were used to break up the vertical space, aiding acoustics and providing layers of interest. Decorative, pendant lights were used to create different ambiences in selected focal areas. Vibrant fabrics, two-tone floor finishes and modern furniture, create an energetic and inviting environment, offering alternative types of working space, providing flexibility and choice for the dynamic Pernod Ricard team.


The new Pernod Ricard space encourages integrated communication between the different teams, with modern, vibrant, and user friendly interiors, complimenting and showcasing their products, which are associated with exciting, fun events.

We have selected a few images to show you how great their offices look!