Case Study : Peregrine Holdings

The Brief

Peregrine occupied 3 floors of a building, with office space being created and demolished on ad ad-hoc basis. Over time, this created a very haphazard working environment and an inefficient use of space. They chose to renovate their premises to achieve the following:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Bring all business units into the same environment
  • Improve lighting and other issues hampering work efficiency

The Result

The following were put in place for Peregrine as part of their renovation:

  • Large outdated workstations were swapped for smaller modern ones to be more efficient, and placed in an open plan environment
  • Executives offices were decreased in size, given that they travel frequently and the offices are seldom used
  • Improved lighting and window blinds were put in place to decrease sun glare
  • Separate business units requiring privacy were enclosed by large glass walls
  • Strong and bold use of branding to artfully decorate the walls


Through clever use of space, all business units were brought into the same environment and allowed a far more efficient use of space with modern finishes and streamlined efficiency.