Our Process
Our Process

We aim to ignite innovation and productivity through workspaces that consider the end-user and the daily office experience.

We follow a detailed process which is summarised below:

  1. Source and gather.

    Our first step is to meet with you to receive the project brief and to collect all the data needed for the design and planning stage. This includes: determining the size of your company, gathering information on the type of work that employees perform, researching your company culture and establishing what the future ambitions of the company are.

    The experienced and dedicated account manager, who is assigned to your project, will guide you through the process from start to finish and will make it their business to know your business.

  2. Space assessment.

    One of the most important elements, when designing an office, is the well-organised utilisation of space. With our expert knowledge and experience in space planning, we will advise you on how to use your office space as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Use our Space Calculator to calculate how much space you need to match your office space requirements

  3. Conceptualise and create.

    This stage involves mulling over the data we have collected, applying lateral thinking and coming up with creative solutions that effectively balance business objectives and best practices in office design.

    We prepare a concept design presentation to graphically portray your envisaged office interior. This includes the colour palette, fabrics, textures, lighting, furniture items and special detailing that make your office unique to you.

  4. Critique and finalise.

    We will work with you to refine and revise all ideas, explore alternative solutions and decide on a final course of action. Once this stage is complete, we move onto the ‘build’ phase, where your new office space comes to life.

    Our construction managers, working with our suppliers and contractors, ensure that the interior of your office is built exactly according to plan. We pride ourselves in delivering on our promises.

  5. Change management.

    This journey of change affects all employees, and as change is often resisted due to a fear of the unknown, we engage the services of our in-house Industrial Psychologist to support you in coordinating the change process. Our change management offering is a value-added, complimentary service that we provide to ensure that your employees are as excited and on-board with the change as you are.

  6. We hand over the keys and welcome you home.

    Once we have worked our magic and have created your office space on time and within your budget, we welcome you as you move in. We pride ourselves in the fact that your new office space will encourage productivity and engagement.