Our Benefits
Our Benefits

Here is a little more on what you can expect as part of our promise to provide the best possible solution for your business.

Our Benefits 1 Durable Design
Our space plans are designed with future expansion in mind ensuring that the overall environment is not compromised when changes occur. Our design choices are also specified to outlast the changes in trends.
Our Benefits 2 Corporate Grade
We ensure that the materials we use withstand office wear and tear. Corporate grade tiles, long wearing upholstery and product guarantees come standard. All our workmanship also carries a one year warranty.
Our Benefits 3 Safe
Paragon Interiors was founded in 1998, and since establishment have an impeccable record without any serious injury on site. This is a testament of the measures we take to ensure our offices are safe.
Our Benefits 4 Thought Through
Working on such diverse projects since 1998 has taught us what works in offices and what doesn’t. Sometimes we’ll push back on our clients’ ideas to make sure that we meet their long-term needs.
Our Benefits 5 Serviceable
One of the things we consider when choosing finishes is how easy they are to clean and maintain. This ensures that your investment in your workspace lasts the lifetime of the installation.
Our Benefits 6 Responsive
Ever notice how much longer you wait to speak to customer service than sales? We will respond to any issue that arises after project handover within 24 hours.
Our Benefits 7 Shows you care
We don’t just think about how to fit our clients’ desks into a given space- we think about the type of working environment that will be created by our decisions and how staff will adapt to the change.
Our Benefits 8 Earth Friendly
Considering green product options doesn’t always need to impact on costs. We have sourced reasonable green suppliers so that we can offer you fabrics made from recycled water bottles, low VOC paints and green carpets.
Our Benefits 9 Designed For Wellness
Poor physical health costs millions and erodes productivity. Our designs consider the long term health impact and assist our clients in making healthier choices.

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