Office Nightmares: Time for change
Office Nightmares: Time for change
Post written by Paragon Interiors   August 28, 2015


Have you outgrown your existing office space? Perhaps your fully-staffed office is getting too overcrowded? Or does your current office no longer meet your business needs? If it’s more space you are after, then staying in your existing office is no longer an option. It’s time to move.

Here are 7 signs that you have outgrown your existing office space:

  1. Lunch room – an escape or a headache?

Do you have a lunch room at your office that is not being utilised? Or, is it full to the brim over lunch -so much so that some employees cannot find a seat?

If your answer is YES, then this is a sign that you need to reconsider your office space.

  1. Oh shucks… there aren’t enough meeting rooms

Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting only to find that that all the meeting rooms are full?

Your office space should have a variety of areas that can double up as meeting spaces – your work café, a collaboration space or even a ‘huddle’ room. You want flexibility in your office space that offers choice and control.

  1. I can’t hear myself think

Is your office space so cramped and noisy that employees can’t hear themselves think?

Think about the impact that this could be having on the productivity of your staff.

  1. We have more employees than the building can hold

Hiring more employees does not only mean additional ‘bodies’ in the space, it means more furniture, office equipment (filing cabinets, printers, stationery etc.), more space in the lunch room and more appointments in the meeting room booking sheet.

You can never be too prepared to accommodate growth in your company.

  1. Cramped workstations

Employees need to be comfortable and have sufficient space to perform their work tasks to the best of their ability. A cramped office environment can lower productivity and job satisfaction.

If your offices are claustrophobic for employees, it’s time to move…

  1. Filing cabinets collapsing

Are your filing cabinets overflowing? Are there documents lying in piles all over desks and even on the floor?

This is a perfect example of an office nightmare! You need to have a clean out and consider your future storage needs carefully.

  1. Bumper bashings

Are your employees complaining about parking at your current office facility? Chances are, your clients are experiencing this too.

This is a red light that you need to move.

If your office space is preventing you from carrying out your business activities effectively, then moving offices could be your solution. We will help you determine your space requirements and identify the perfect office space for you!

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