Navigating Change in 2018
Navigating Change in 2018
Post written by Paragon Interiors   January 30, 2018

Darryl Conner- a thought leader in the field of change management in organisations explains that as a species, we are so resistant to unfamiliarity that we will consistently choose something that doesn’t work just to avoid something new (Conner, 1998). It may be a faulty toaster, an unhealthy relationship or perhaps a job that we loath – but despite our unhappiness our attitude remains: ‘It may not be perfect – but at least it’s mine’.

At a fundamental level change is uncomfortable. It pushes and prods us, stretches and compresses us– and can leave us feeling disorientated and uneasy. Growth is painful, but the view on the other side of a successful and meaningful change is magnificent. We just need to ‘climb the mountain’ first to enjoy the beauty of it. Easier said than done… so how do we successfully navigate through the journey of change? Here are a few tips:

  1. Understand why you need to hike up the mountain first
    Think about and jot down what your reasons are for making the change. What are the benefits? Even more importantly, what are the consequences/risks/results of not changing?
  2. Use a compass
    Before you leave on your journey make sure that you have a clear vision in mind of what you want to achieve. Capture your vision in a couple of sentences, or an image, and place it somewhere that you would view it often – at your bedside, on the inside of your laptop or on the fridge.
  3. Pack light
    Don’t be bogged down by past regrets and what you perceive as failure. If you are afraid, acknowledge your fear, but move forward anyway.
  4. Tap into your support system
    Ask for the support of your loved ones and lean on them along the way. Speak about your feelings often and if you do feel overwhelmed, seek professional help. It may mean asking an expert about a system or procedure in your new workplace or seeking counselling from a registered professional for a major life change.
  5. Celebrate reaching the milestones
    Don’t just focus on the end goal, celebrate the small successes along the way. If your goal this year is to lead a more active lifestyle, ladies reward yourself with a manicure and men with a day on the golf course after three visits to the gym for two consecutive weeks.
  6. Help other hikers along the way
    Focusing outwards puts things into perspective and helps us not to get caught up in any negative feelings that we are experiencing. This may mean volunteering at an orphanage or the SPCA over the weekend or may be as simple as showing a new colleague at work how to use the coffee machine or where the stationery is stored.
  7. Take time to enjoy the view
    Once you have successfully completed/implemented the change, take time to reflect on the journey. Think about the high and low points, and if there is anything you would do differently going forward… And then start preparing for the next hike

Let’s make a point of embracing all that change has to offer this year. It may be a new school, a change in career, the beginning or the end of a relationship, a fitness goal, a new field of study or simply trying out a new hobby.


Let’s plant flowers.

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Conner, R. D. (1998). Leading at the edge of chaos: How to Create the Nimble Organization. Wiley, London.