Moving offices tips
Moving offices tips
Post written by Paragon Interiors   October 9, 2015



There are many reasons for needing to change your offices. Your lease may have expired. You may have outgrown your space. You may be downsizing or merging with another company, or, you may simply want to upgrade your offices to better reflect your corporate identity and attract and retain your staff.

Whatever the reason, it is a great opportunity to improve staff morale in your company. When employees are engaged, your company can only soar to greater heights.

So, you realise you need a new office space but where do you start?

  • Ensure that your company organogram and employee list is up-to-datethis will help your broker determine the amount of space you need  
  • Ensure that your Health and Safety document is up-to-date
  • Think about how much storage space you will require
  • Think about whether you would like green building solutions in your new office space
  • Check that your potential new office has enough parking for staff
  • Apply for new phone numbers/installation, as this can sometimes take weeks or months in South Africa
  • Chat to your IT department/providers to find out what size server room is required in the new space
  • Consider long lead times for things like imported carpets or the making of bespoke furniture
  • Communicate the move with your staff

Consider using our Space Calculator to identify how much space you’ll need in your new offices.


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