Case Study : Java Capital

The Brief

Java Capital moved their offices to Sandton and had the following requirements:

  • A work environment conducive to the long hours their staff typically work
  • An environment for staff to collaborate, socialise and relax
  •  Create a vibrant and interactive culture among the staff

The Result

The following was put in place for Java Capital:

  •  Various different work spaces were created:
    •  Private offices for focus work
    •  Quiet rooms for reading documents
    •  Meeting rooms and collaboration spaces
  •  A large common break away space with a lounge, coffee bar, and dining room for staff to socialise and recharge
  • Clever use of space to make the offices feel spacious
  •  An aspirational interior design, creating a peaceful yet energising environment


Offices are now as much about living as working. Creating multiple work spaces and a large common break away area resulted in a vibrant, interactive culture among the staff, ensuring productivity and staff retention.