Case Study : Jacaranda FM

The Brief

Jacaranda FM chose to move offices to be better located for signal coverage. They had the following requirements:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Managers and news staff to be separated from the main working area, but still within the vibe and culture of the office
  • An area for clients and guest interviews
  • Acoustically optimised rooms

The Result

The following was put in place for Jacaranda FM:

  • Open plan spacing with separated areas for managers and news staff
  • Hot desking for DJ collaboration areas
  • A green room for clients and celebrity interviews
  • A wall of fame filled with memorabilia from major events, including signed guitars and t-shirts
  • A fun and creative, yet professional interior design
  • Favourite CD covers of the staff were used to decorate the walls


Jacaranda achieved their objectives of moving to better suited office space while simultaneously saving space and increasing efficiency and staff morale.