Generation Z – The Alien Invasion
Generation Z – The Alien Invasion
Post written by Paragon Interiors   May 22, 2018

Breaking news: A new alien lifeform has landed on earth. Authorities are calling them ‘iGen’. Who are they? And how can you survive this invasion?

Generation Z’s can be likened to the new generation of lifeforms entering our universe. Born between 1995 and 2012, the oldest of this generation is 23 years old. These new, young, and hip individuals have not only infiltrated our homes and schools but now they are entering the workplace. However, instead of laser guns and green skin, they have laptop notebooks and funky hairstyles. Much like their predecessors, the ‘Millennials’, this generation have increased insight into the advancements in technology, however, they also have their own ideas about the workplace.
Some facts about Generation Z:

  • 60% of iGens want to in some way or another impact the world we live in today
  • iGens spend 41% of their time on multiple screens each day
  • iGens are 55% more likely to want to start their own business

(William, 2016)

Fear not. They come in peace. But are you ready for the invasion?

What you need to know to survive the invasion:

Team 1. They are extremely competitive

Although their Millennial predecessors were collaborative workers, Generation Z are competitive and like to work independently (Mikus, 2018). This is largely due to the increase of skillful people in the market.

Lightbulb 2. They are entrepreneurial

The normal constructs of a 9-5 business no longer are appealing to the younger generation. Advancement in technology has sparked new ideas in innovation. This generation are highly motivated and will work hard. Using their independent spirit, Generation Z look to creating jobs rather than being set in one. It would be important to create jobs for this generation that are adaptable to keep this generation engaged and loyal to the company.

Handshake 3. Benefits that matter

Millennials became more engaged by working in offices that had features such as; unique coffee spaces, air hockey tables, and lounging areas. Although these spaces are still relevant in the workplace with the older generations, Generation Z seek value in other kinds of benefits such as; health care plans, mentorship programs, and growth opportunities (Lipinski, 2018). Generation Z need to feel that their physical needs are being met by the organisation for them to feel engaged.

Speech 4. Let’s Talk

The stereotype that you will need to send an Instagram direct message to Generation Z to get an answer back is incorrect. 53% of Generation Z prefer open, face-to-face communication (Patel, 2017). This may be hard for some older generations to adapt to as they prefer to rather send emails or letters. Providing open plan working and collaborative spaces allow for open communication and allow Generation Z the fluidity to talk.

Thumbs Up Sign 5. Office etiquette

Finally, you won’t be able to survive this invasion without establishing the proper rules. Office etiquette needs to be evaluated and agreed upon. Office rules such as dress codes and lunch breaks should be communicated to ensure the iGens fit into the normal society of the office space.

Paragon Interiors are your alien invasion specialists. We specialise in helping you create the best physical and emotional space for these new lifeforms as well as helping your current employees accept this change to ensure all your employees remain engaged and productive.

Contact Paragon Interiors today and speak to one of our specialists to find out how you can prepare for this alien invasion.

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