Case Study : Engie

The Brief

Engie, a global energy company, moved offices due to an expiring lease. They required their new offices to be aligned with their global strategy and included the following:

  • Although initially in favour of individual cellular offices, they came to see the benefits of an open plan office space
  • Flexibility in terms of building up or breaking down teams
  • Ability to accommodate staff from abroad

The Result

The following was put in place for Engie:

  • Open plan work space with privacy to allow staff to work together as a team but still maintain confidentiality.
  • Hot desking benches to accommodate staff from abroad
  • A library for staff use
  • Staff café with a meeting table for informal meetings and meals


Although Engie were initially planning on sticking to a cellular office design, by moving to the modern open plan working environment they have created a staff culture of bringing the team out of their comfort zones and accommodating their interests in a more shared and open environment, whilst still allowing private tasks to take place seamlessly.