Case Study : Edelman

Edelman is a leading reputation and brand communications consultancy with a wide range of clients in fields such as energy, telecommunications, media, technology, professional services and consumer goods. Edelman SA has assisted organisations to enter markets throughout Africa and focuses on enhancing their presence.

The brief

Edelman were moving into new offices and wanted to create a functional workspace that reflects their brand and incorporates global office design trends. The aim was to improve communication and productivity whilst considering design elements such as suitable acoustic solutions. This in order to improve the comfort of the space. Providing an appropriate setting to enhance the daily employee experience, was at the forefront in Edelman’s project considerations.

The result

  • A contemporary, industrial style was selected to enhance the building shell which included exposed brick work, exposed ceiling slabs, timber and raw screed floors.
  • Frameless glass walls were used for the few, cellular offices and meeting rooms, which provided acoustic privacy but allowed transparency, thus encouraging trust between employees.
  • A neutral and natural colour palette was augmented with pops of bright colour in large, colourful wall graphics, as well as with surprise elements of colourful furniture.
  • Acoustic panels were hung from the ceiling over open-plan clusters to aid sound absorption and to alter the vertical space, making it more interesting.
  • The bar and staff café encompassed a relaxed and homely style, to encourage informal interaction between employees.
  • The simple lines and clean surfaces of the furniture contrasted well with the more rustic building shell


Edelman have a new home that is contemporary, with striking yet warm and inviting design that is conducive for interaction, faster decision making and streamlined systems. The auxiliary facilities are within easy range for all to use and the social hubs have created a lively haven that encourages less-formal, employee dialogues and collaboration.