Don’t be caught offsides
Don’t be caught offsides
Post written by Paragon Interiors   October 26, 2015


The battle of two giants in the Rugby World Cup this weekend resulted in a two point defeat for South Africa. Despite their unrivalled courage and best efforts, the Springboks will be heading home after their third place play-off against Argentina on Friday the 30th of October.The general consensus arising from the match is that the Springboks were slightly out-maneuvered by the All Blacks. As soon as the game became technical, as opposed to just physical, the All Blacks had the advantage over SA.

The same is often true in business. Two competing companies can work equally as hard at achieving a particular objective. Both have great strategies, both play by the rules, both understand what it takes to succeed… but one dropped ball, one misstep and the win goes to the rival.

Whilst the extraneous circumstances that may result in success or failure cannot be controlled, companies can and should focus on developing skills and processes that will enable them to respond to market needs quickly and more efficiently.

Developing skilled employees, and retaining them, is a large part of this. Your employees can be your competitive advantage in a playing field that is often levelled out by similar systems, procedures, service/product offerings and technologies.

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Written by: Natalie Jones, Industrial Psychologist, PS 0128180