Case Study : Cyest Corporation

The Cyest Corporation is a holding company of several data analytics and software technology companies.

The brief

As the company is filled with creative minds, the environment needs to be responsive to the varied needs of their talented employees. Ideas can transpire anywhere and at any time, facilities need to be provided to support these magic moments. The setting needs to enhance the creative process and energy with fun colours, interesting texture and a connection with the raw elements of the building, reflecting an honesty and transparency.

The result

  • A contemporary, industrial style was chosen to enhance the building shell which included exposed ceiling slabs and airconditioning ducts in some areas, bright colours on furniture and floors, and interesting textures. The walls were left white to accommodate different branding ideas that can be swopped out at will.
  • The company encourages an agile way of working and with the aid of Wi-Fi, employees are encouraged to work wherever they feel comfortable. The benching workstations are not owned and so employees will find themselves sitting at a different desk each day. Personal belongings are housed in secure, colourful lockers.
  • From upholstered booths to themed meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, there are a variety of support spaces to choose from, these have proved to be extremely popular areas and there is a constant movement in and out of these places.
  • The heart of Cyest is the homely, circular staff café, which is in the centre of the office environment and is accessible from both sides. Various types of seating have been provided so that there is choice for each eating experience, as well as a stocked coffee bar to delight the diner.
  • The use of glazing panels in walls reflects the feeling of being in motion – ensuring that the vibrant energy in the space is visible to all.
  • Plenty of writable walls were provided to record off-the-cuff ideas and are currently covered in doodles and recorded ‘aha’ moments.
  • The themes of the meeting rooms provide different experiences, such as the out-of-Space room, the Tranquil room, the Weekend Concert room and the I-robot room.
  • The virtual reality room is open with glass panels into the reception, allowing passing viewers to witness individuals engrossed in the amazing experience of virtual reality. A screen in the reception area linked to the VR experience, shows in real time what the individual is seeing through their 3D goggles, providing much enjoyment for visitors.


The Cyest family have a new, vibrant home that is contemporary and user-friendly with a youthful charm of its own. The flowing floor layout is conducive for interaction, communication and brainstorming ideas – critical drivers of their business. The transparent structure aids the inclusive culture of this dynamic team and successfully augments their unique way of working.