How to cultivate loyal millennial employees in 2017
How to cultivate loyal millennial employees in 2017
Post written by Paragon Interiors   March 22, 2017

Last year, we published an article about the pressing topic of different generations working alongside each other in the workplace. In the article, we stressed the importance of not stereotyping people into groups and making assumptions about their levels of commitment or their ability to adapt to new ways of working, due simply to the time period they were born in.

We discussed the importance of understanding the frameworks and context of each generational group, and then moving beyond the differences to focus on individual characteristics and the diversity that each member adds to a group.

The results of the 2017 Millennial Survey carried out by Deloitte appears to support this school of thought. Millennials, who initially received a bad rap for not being loyal to their companies, are reportedly significantly more loyal now than they were a year ago.

Can this be attributed to their need to find stability in a world that is increasingly unstable?

Or is this result simply due to the fact that Millennials are maturing, having families of their own and are learning to appreciate the importance of commitment and a stable income?

On the topic of loyalty, the Deloitte survey uncovered a strong correlation between the construct of loyalty and highly flexible working arrangements; defined as having some control over when they start and finish their work days and their ability to work from locations other than the office. It appears that the more that flexibility is embedded in an organisation, the more committed Millennials are.

The results also show that organisations who embrace greater flexibility enjoy the outcomes of increased productivity, engagement and accountability (a sense of personal responsibility) from Millennials. Millennials perceive these work arrangements as improving their personal well-being and happiness, and as a tangible demonstration of their manager’s trust in them.

And our guess would be that the same is true for individuals in other generations too!

The Deloitte report goes further to state the results of the survey should inspire organisations to consider more flexible approaches to work arrangements. These types of arrangements should extend to the facilities and types of spaces that are on offer in a workplace. Space to collaborate with colleagues, spaces that encourage social interaction. Spaces that enable concentration, encourage thought and enhance creativity.

Spaces to thrive.

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