Creating a productive work environment
Creating a productive work environment
Post written by Paragon Interiors   September 25, 2015


Here are a few of Paragon Interiors tips on creating a productive work environment:

  • Keep cellphone ring tones on low volume or vibrate when in open-plan areas;
  •  Ensure office phones are set on low volume and that calls divert back to the switchboard after four rings;
  •  If you need to take loud, lengthy or personal calls, step away from the open-plan areas;
  •  If you find that an impromptu conversation is taking longer than expected in the open plan, move it to a meeting room or the staff café;
  •  Schedule work that requires intense concentration for earlier on in the work day;
  •  Consider allowing employees to work from home on projects requiring intense focus;
  •  Take regular breaks to re-energise – grab a cup of tea or coffee or take a walk around the office building.