Asset Management Company
Asset Management Company
Post written by Paragon Interiors   April 29, 2016

The Brief:
Established in 2004, this asset management company predominantly deals in hedge funds and unit trusts. In order for them to obtain absolute focus on the management of their clients’ portfolios they purposefully remain a relatively small team. Although small, they have adopted a flexible approach to their work environment in comparison to typical investment firms. This Asset Management Company focuses on pushing the limits, making them exceptional as they add a degree of difference to the industry. Paragon Interiors was given the task of creating an executive, yet creative space that promotes knowledge sharing and encourages interaction amongst employees.
The Result:

Paragon met these design objectives by:

Providing an open space that encouraged interaction yet also offered privacy for specific tasks.
Creating a modern, yet warm and friendly staff café to encourage employees to interact whilst enjoying a meal together.

Designing a boardroom that is completely flexible with grand, yet mobile furniture so that the layout can be changed at a whim.

Incorporating their brand into the design concept so as to have subtle reminders of the brand and company values throughout the space.

Transparency is part of their philosophy and glass was used to provide glimpses through furniture and walls translating this viewpoint throughout.


  • This elegant office space enables employees to be more collaborative and productive as the facilities provide for all their needs and comforts during their working day.