Are you ready for the change ?
Are you ready for the change ?
Post written by Paragon Interiors   August 28, 2015


Perhaps the most notable change in the world of work this year is the increase in remote working. According to American based research company, Forbes Insight, remote working is defined as work completed in an environment other than the employee’s dedicated workspace. This includes working from – the beach, hotel, coffee shops, restaurants – you name it. As the ‘work anywhere’ trend continues to gain popularity, professionals will have more freedom than ever. In time, this will most likely reshape the definition of the office to include any location where an internet connection is available.

Performance management company, Gallup, published research in 2014 indicating that there are several motivating factors for companies to introduce remote working:

  • Worker retention- workers value workplace flexibility.
  • Scarce skills- businesses of all types increasingly need workers with specialised skills – these workers may not be available locally and may have to work from another country.
  • Increased growth- companies are better able to accommodate for future growth requirements.
  • Increased productivity- studies show that remote workers will be more productive with the right support. This relates to time saved in travel as well as decreased distractions.
  • Cost saving- remote work practices will enable employees to spend less time in traffic and more time working.
  • Lifestyle- remote work allows for closer contact to family needs, improved personal planning and a tailor-made working environment.
  • Flexibility- remote work options may offer workers more flexibility to engage in additional contracts and/or professional development.
  • Productivity- many studies demonstrate that a remote worker will be more productive with the right support.

There are however some factors that may discourage remote working:

  • Isolation– some workers feel that they are less valued than their on-site colleagues and are more at risk of being made redundant.
  • Self-motivation– discipline to work independently with less supervision.
  • Monitoring– time management; number of hours worked each day cannot be verified.
  • Stability- going into the office every day and working from 08h00-17h00 provides a sense of stability to employees.
  • Face-to-face networking loss- loss of collaboration, idea sharing, interaction and engagement.

We understand the impact of the changes in the world of work on your business and pride ourselves in meeting your specific workplace needs. Remote working may or may not be effective for your company – this can be determined by the type of work that employees perform and the strategic objectives and direction of your company.