Activity Based Working and the importance of Change Management
Activity Based Working and the importance of Change Management
Post written by Paragon Interiors   October 11, 2016

What is this office philosophy that’s being bandied about?

Simply put, this workplace philosophy encourages employees to work wherever, and whenever, to maximise productivity and achieve an excellent objective. It’s not about doing the same work the way it’s always been done, it’s about how well it’s being done within guidelines but without limitations. The aim is to empower employees to be responsible and participative in ensuring an efficient and effective organisation, to improve business performance, and guarantee a quality outcome for clients.

How did this new way of working evolve?

The nature of work has changed. Many mundane tasks are being automated, leaving employees with opportunities to innovate and explore other avenues. Awareness of where to find information and how to use it innovatively trumps just owning knowledge. To this end, talented people have become the true assets of any successful company and are to be valued.

These employees needs have changed and with the desire for greater self-determination they require a more flexible approach to their working times and places.

The Importance of Change Management for Activity Based Working

Human nature dictates that we tend to fear the unknown. A new job, a new home, a new exercise class, and indeed, a new way of working. In the words of authors James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, we tend to hold on so tightly to what we have -a corner office or cubicle with a colossal cherry oak desk – that we neglect to think about what we may gain by giving that up – increased collaboration, great spaces to complete each work task, increased mobility and so forth.

It is for this reason that Change Management* should form an essential part of the introduction and implementation of a new way of working. Particularly to an Activity Based Working (ABW) set-up where the rules of work change so significantly – requiring the employee to take full responsibility for how, where and when he/she works.

Activity Based Working can have a positive effect in the workplace and Change Management plays a vital role in the implementation of ABW, and therefore needs to be managed very carefully.

*Change Management is the process of transitioning people from an old to a new way of doing things. It involves managing the human side of the change process to ensure that a particular business outcome/objective is achieved.