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  1. A model of excellence or perfection of any kind
  2. A perfect embodiment of a concept
Paragon Interiors is based in Johannesburg and is one of South Africa’s leading interior design companies. We specialise in office design and have provided professional design services to the corporate world since 1988. Over this time we have worked with both global and local clients from diverse industries, in a range of different building types and sizes and with an array of budgets and timelines. This privilege combined with our team of diverse and talented staff, has afforded us with the opportunity to take our model for office design perfection and refine it, test it and improve it.


Our Team

Our team of over 50 staff resembles the demographic of most businesses these days – 3 generations in one office!


Our Generation Y interior designers push the boundaries of design and innovation constantly bringing with them fresh ideas and localizing global trends. Our independent and focused Generation X account managers are masters at multi-tasking a million different deadlines and deliverables to make sure our projects run smoothly.Our baby boomers (the five founding members), have deep knowledge and broad-based business skills with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. They help to make sure that our designers’ ideas make sense in the business setting, that our timelines are realistic and that our proposed solutions align to our clients’ needs. Add to the mix our cost estimators, construction managers and administration staff, who check that everything we’ve thought of is on budget, built in time and successfully processed, and you’ve got just another day at Paragon Interiors.

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