5 Important Tips to Buying Office Furniture
5 Important Tips to Buying Office Furniture
Post written by Paragon Interiors   September 11, 2017

Being experts in our industry we have listed 5 simple ways to ensure your office furniture is well thought out. Besides you’re there for most of the day, and we feel it should be a place you want to be and are comfortable in while achieving those daily goals.

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1. Upholstered, desk screens offer a little privacy and can contribute to absorbing sound, contributing to better acoustics. This doesn’t solve the noise problem in an open-plan office. Good office etiquette rules will go a long way to helping this. Don’t make the screens too high as visibility is important in aiding good communication and team interaction.

2. An idea is to place planters on top of a low cupboards to bring the green in from outside, helping with acoustics, aesthetics and general well-being.

3. A great option is a drawer pedestal that has a seat cushion on top, so that it doubles up as a visitors chair for quick meetings. You can bring colour into the room by choosing a lovely fabric for this cushion.

4. Pay attention to training room seating. If long periods will be spent sitting at a desk, it is worth getting a comfortable and supportive chair.If the training sessions are short, then a four legged, stackable chair with an upholstered seat will suffice.

5. Select an experienced, specialist, corporate interior design company to guide you through the purchasing process. Their experience and buying power will be very helpful in alleviating costly mistakes.

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