I want an office like an ad agency!
I want an office like an ad agency!
Post written by Paragon Interiors   April 21, 2016


Many people have been exposed to the ‘wonderland’ of the Google campus through media images and write-ups. There is something appealing about a place to work that offers exercise balls to sit on and meeting rooms that look like cable cars on their way up to a snowy destination. The escape from the formal office to something more stimulating with the promises of a fun-filled day, is the envy of all.

Bearing in mind that Google’s Mountain View Campus has just over 325 000 square metres of office space, it is easy to create anything that can be imagined. But that doesn’t stop company owners from wanting a creative space of their own.

More and more, employers are realising that the war for talent involves more than a good salary or benefits, they also have to provide a working environment that excites, entices and retains professionals.
Individuals now want great experiences, every day. With digital technology, horizons have been broadened. Self-fulfilment and a motivation to be healthier are desired as well as a yearning for cognitive development. If you can provide an office environment that encourages and assists employees in their desire to reach self-actualisation, you will go a long way to keeping valued employees happy.

So how do you go about creating these spaces?In contrast to perhaps a legal or financial company that has typically muted colours and an understated elegance, creative spaces opt for the unexpected, unconventional and sometimes surprising quirks. They may look as if they have been planned haphazardly but these spaces require extra attention when it comes to thinking through how the space is to be used.

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