Creating a Happy Place at Work
Creating a Happy Place at Work
Post written by Paragon Interiors   January 11, 2016


Do you look forward to work? Or would you rather take a ride on a Tuk Tuk down Rivonia Road in peak hour traffic with a short sighted driver?

Whether you don’t need to work (and you must be in the minority!) or it is an absolute financial necessity, work contributes significantly to your happiness, sense of worth and belonging. We don’t need to read reams of statistics to know that if we’re not happy at work, the less likely we are to be productive and passionate about our work. This affects the company’s profitability and ultimately the country’s economy.

So it makes perfect sense that we should ensure that employees and employers are happy, so that together they can drive their company forward.

Matthew Bellows is the founder and CEO of the Boston-based Yesware, which has developed sales technology used by Groupon, Yelp and Acquia. He noted that “increasing happiness at work is a productivity goldmine: happier employees are more successful, they’re smarter and more creative when approaching problems, and they’ll be better for your bottom line”. Take Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2014: these highly rated workplaces reported an average increase in revenue of 22.2 percent. Moreover, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, these same companies added new employees at a rate that was five times higher than the national average.

Some employers might still get irritated when they see their employees gather around the watering hole (designer coffee machine). After all, if they’re not chained to their desks, they cannot be working! But people are only doing what they need to do: they’re socializing, letting off steam in a safer environment, and exchanging ideas. This is probably one of the areas, where people who would otherwise feel quite uncomfortable contributing to boardroom discussions, are only too happy to share their ideas! And where people from different departments can form casual but creative alliances, which can only benefit the company.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the value of having a professional office interior designer plan your workspace layout. The position of the coffee machine, and comfortable chairs and tables, is not an indulgence, but strategically important. Do you want to place the coffee machine furthest away from the desks? Or would it be wiser to place the machine where everyone has easy access to it, so that the dynamic exchange they’ve just had over a cup of coffee is still fresh in their minds as they race back to their desks. And that is just one aspect of the multi-faceted Science of Happiness at Work.

By Cecilia Dos Santos