10 Tips on Welcoming a New Employee
10 Tips on Welcoming a New Employee
Post written by Paragon Interiors   February 5, 2018

You’ve spent some time interviewing new candidates for a position in your company and finally made your choice for someone super to join your team. You’ve given them their letter of appointment and told them to pitch up on a certain date. The new employee arrives and finds he/she has to fend for themselves. Not a great welcome! Try these tips to help your new employee to feel happy at their new workplace.


Have someone ready to greet the new employee on arrival with a warm welcome and a smile.


Show the new employee to their workstation or office and explain where they can put their personal belongings.


Introduce the new employee to their colleagues. It will be difficult for them to remember all the names, so give them a plan of the office with the names of who sits at each workstation.


Take the new employee on a tour of the facilities, showing them rest rooms, coffee stations, print stations, the stationery store, meeting rooms and staff pause areas. Show them how to use the tea/coffee machines, microwave and printing equipment.


Tell them what time breaks are, if formal times are prescribed. Make sure someone fetches them to join them for lunch. If there are no facilities for buying lunch and the new employee hasn’t brought any with them, show them where they can purchase lunch in the area.


Arrange a training session to inform the new employee about the company systems, dress code, company values and objectives. Provide them with an employee handbook encompassing the company’s policies and procedures. They will then be able to refer to the document as needed.


Have a buddy system so that someone makes them feel welcome each day. Show that you are interested in them by asking them general questions about themselves, and tell them a bit about you too. This will ensure they don’t feel interrogated. If they are from out of town, suggest restaurants, shopping areas and places to visit.


Spread out their orientation activities over at least two weeks so as not to cause the new employee to be overwhelmed with information in the first few days. Allow them some time to process new information, and time alone to acclimatise to their new workstation.


Assign meaningful work to the employee as soon as possible. This will help the employee to settle in and give them something to focus on. They need to feel that they are making a valuable contribution to the company.


Schedule a check-in session with the new employee a month after them commencing work at the company. Ask for their honest feedback on what their experiences have been thus far, and if there is anything else they need to know/need assistance with. Their feedback will assist the company in determining how to manage the next orientation process.