Having a bad day on Friday the 13th…
Post written by Paragon Interiors   November 13, 2015

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You wake up on Friday morning in a panic! Your alarm clock didn’t go off. You are now late for that meeting you scheduled at 08h00. You get dressed, grab your car keys and run downstairs.Time is ticking and traffic is not moving, you call the office to tell them that you are going to be late… To save time you decide to take the nearest slip road, and out of nowhere a black cat runs across the street. You slam on breaks!! … Shew that was a close call. Your heart is now beating and you are still anxious about the meeting that you should be in by now!You park at the office, grab your files and head towards the entrance… Oh dear there is an enormous ladder blocking the entrance. You try to go around the ladder but there is just no way around it. You will have to go under the ladder. You silently start thinking… I hope nothing bad happens to me.

After the meeting you decide to run to the toilet before you start attending to your emails. You bump into your colleague by the bathroom door. Unfortunately the entrance to the bathroom is not big enough for both of you. You manage to squeeze past your colleague and accidentally knock the bathroom mirror hanging on the wall. You attempt to catch it…but it shatters across the floor. OH MY GOODNESS! What a disaster. You take a deep breath and hope that your day can only get better from here on out.

16h00 comes around, and the rain starts coming down in torrents! You decide to quickly run to your car and grab your umbrella. You dash outside and make your way back to the office. You open the door and suddenly you slip- your umbrella springs open! Deep down you know that you have never opened an umbrella indoors before, as your mom always warned you not to. But there is nothing you can do…

You are relieved that it is home time and as you are heading towards the door, you wave to your colleague and she politely says “I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT FRIDAY THE 13TH…”

Here are some tips to avoid having a bad day at the office on Friday the 13th:

    • Set your alarm earlier when you have a meeting scheduled at 08h00-you never know what the traffic may hold.
    • Make sure the mirror in the bathroom is situated away from the entrance so that no one will bump into it.
    • For safety reasons there should never be a ladder blocking the entrance to the office-someone could be injured.
    • Have a carpet /rug at the door so that no one slips at the entance.

Paragon Interiors design offices that take these safety precautions into consideration by making sure you have the best office design that supports your safety and wellbeing. We care about creating a work environment that inspires you!

Written by: Lauren Paul, Marketing Manager