Case Study : Symphony Capital

The Brief

Symphony Capital, a Financial Services and Advisory house, has acquired a beautiful space in newly developed Illovo Edge. They wanted their new office to:

• Showcase their true identity of professionalism and creative thinking
• Space that allows for future growth
• A creative combination of modern and classic design

The Result

The following was put in place for Symphony Capital:
• An open plan layout as well as the use of internal glazing which ensures natural light to all staff members as well as internal work and meeting areas
• Furniture has a sleek, minimalistic and simplistic design. Key furniture pieces have a combination of contemporary design and modern elements
• A lovely breakaway area where staff can have lunch and assemble for celebrations. This area also doubles up as an internal meeting space for clients when needed
• Designated client interface area leading off reception with access control to staff areas. Ultimately optimising confidentiality with clients


Symphony Capital wanted an office space, which showcased their professionalism, as well as their creativity. This office space was designed to their specific needs with a beautiful open plan office space where clients and staff can feel productive, yet relaxed. This office space still allows private tasks to take place seamlessly and promotes productivity